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OEM Websites

Aprilia  Global Aprilia site

BMW Canada  BMW Canada's motorcycle site

Moto Guzzi Canada  Moto Guzzi bikes, news and accessories site

Triumph Triumph Canada's site

MV Agusta MV Agusta Canada site.

Motorcycle Clubs and Training Schools

1st Gear Motorcycle School & Training
Teaching you the safe and effective way to ride motorcycles

Action Motorcycle Training School
Action Motorcycle Training School is one of the longest and best training schools in the country. These guys have an outstanding reputation and as a bonus they are a lot of fun as well.

B.C. Safety Council
A non-profit organization, helping business and individuals prevent injury through safety training and advocacy.

B.C. Star Riders
Here you will find a great group of people with a few things in common

BC Beemers
Bee Cee Beemers MC Club

A web forum for BC Sportbike riders to share ideas and chat.

BMW Club
The BMW Club of Canada (BMWCC) exists to actively promote the varied interests of BMW owners and enthusiasts in the spirit of fun, friendship, and safety.

The BMW Motorcycle Owners of America was formed in April of 1972 as an all volunteer organization to operate and maintain a national BMW motorcycle owners club. The goal of the club is to promote the camaraderie and friendship of individual members and BMW motorcycle clubs.

British Columbia Coalition of Motorcyclists
BCCOM endorses, recognizes, supports and is involved in all aspects of motorcycling, from street riding and touring, to racing and off-road.

Fraser Valley Dirt Riders
The Fraser Valley Dirt Riders are a family oriented dirt bike club. They promote responsible off road riding and are active in the crusade to keep our riding areas open. 

Greater Vancouver Motorcycle Club
The Greater Vancouver Motorcycle Club is dedicated to promoting the safe and enjoyable sport of motorcycling, both on and off road. Their month by month calendar is jam packed with rides open to all riders on a dirt bike or road bike.

International Star Riders Association
If you ride a Star - be it the V-Star or Drag Star, Road Star, Wild Star, or Royal Star - your membership is free, and warmly accepted.

Langley Road Riders
A friendly group of motorcyclists of all ages and owners of many different types of motorcycles that ride twice a week for no particular reason except for the love of riding and being with good company.

Okanagan Trailriders
A group of motorcycle enthusiasts who are protecting your ability to ride in the Okanagan Valley. The Bear Creek riding area is now designated in the LRMP as motorized recreation.

Pacific Northwest Motorcycle Association
They are a collection of over twenty Road and Off-Road Motorcycle clubs that are based out of BC and Washington, that work together to put together a comprehensive riding calendar. Events include Poker Runs, both on and off road, Racing, Trail, dualsport and road rides and other fun and social events .

Pacific Riding School
Pacific Riding School (PRS) is the premiere rider training school in Canada. Their school’s philosophy is based on innovation and development.

Roadcraft Motorcycle Academy
RoadCraft Motorcycle Academy is dedicated solely to the needs of licensed riders in BC.  With programs based on over 50 years of professional motorcycle and traffic safety training experience.

She Rides
SheRides is all about bringing women motorcyclists together. Based out of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and welcoming riders of all experience levels. The SheRides team supports and recognizes motorcycle riding of all kinds, as well as all types of motorcycles.

Valley Driving School
Since 1955, Valley Driving School has provided quality motorcycle training to thousands of satisfied customers, including one on one training.

Westcoast Superbike School
West Coast Superbike School courses are designed to allow current riders of all levels to develop their skills and techniques in a safe and progressive manner.

Westwood Motorcycle Racing Club
B.C.'s famous motorcycle racing club