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BMW System 6 Helmet

The System 6 helmet has seen numerous innovations over the years, being the consistent continuation of the highly successful BMW Motorrad folding helmet which dates back to 1981.

This light helmet is fitted with a double visor and – for the first time – an integrated sun shield, too. This can be conveniently adjusted to continuously variable levels using a slider at the left-hand edge of the helmet.

The design refers to some of the characteristic features of the predecessor models but applies a new interpretation. By means of an ingenious four-jointed mechanism, the folding chin section moves in an elliptical path and is thus closer to the helmet shell. This gives the helmet a very attractive look when it is open, too.

The outer shell in glass fibre reinforced plastic (GRP) is manufactured in two different sizes. The matching multi-section inner shell in expanded polystyrol (EPS) is foam padded in various thicknesses. This technology allows the best possible impact absorption to be achieved. Depending on size, the System 6 helmet weighs between 1,570 and 1,670 grams, making the new model 150 or 50 grams lighter than its predecessor in spite of the new components “double visor” and “integrated sun shield”.

The outer visor is three-dimensionally curved, has an antiscratch coating on both sides and absorbs UV radiation 100 per cent. The hydrophilic inner visor offers the best possible antifog protection in damp weather. In addition, the very effective and closable visor ventilation ensures clear visibility even in poor weather conditions.

On hot days, the large vent opening at the top of the helmet in combination with the low-pressure ventilation in the neck area ensures easily regulated but highly efficient cooling. In terms of aerodynamics and acoustics, too, the System 6 helmet is once again pioneering: it is aerodynamically neutral and even when the rider turns his head, only very slight torsional forces are generated. With a noise level of just 86 dB(A) at100 km/h, the System 6 helmet is one of the quietest folding helmets on the market.

For the chin strap a quick-release ratchet buckle which combines the advantages of the double-D fastener with those of a conventional quick-release buckle. The integrated neck straps ensure that the helmet remains in a position which guarantees the best possible protection in the event of an accident.

The entire inner lining in high-quality Alcantara and Coolmax fabric (DuPont) can be removed for washing along with the neck and cheek pads available in various sizes.

The System 6 helmet is of course suitable for the installation of the optional BMW Motorrad communication system and fulfils all the associated statutory requirements.

The new System 6 helmet is available in the sizes 48/49 to 64/65 and in three colours (Night Black non-metallic, Dark Grey matt metallic, White Silver metallic) and in two decor versions (Cosmic, SharpEdged).


Arai alone has the experience, the quality, and the trust that truly set us apart. Because if making you feel safer and more comfortable in a better-fitting helmet for hours and hours at a time, day after day, was the goal of every company, why is Arai alone responsible for such comfort and fit advances as different interior shapes to fit different head shapes, removable/replaceable Cheekpads and Comfort liners to give you a more custom fit, and our latest, the Emergency Cheekpad Release System to aid injured riders? In Arai's world, innovations don't come from a marketing department. SNELL/DOT Approved





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Helmet Tips

When trying on a motorcycle helmet wear it at least 5 minutes and then take it off. Concentrate on places which start to bother you. If possible look in a mirror after to see if you have any red marks on your face.

Check if your selected helmet has anti-scratch and a good anti-fog treatment. Also look to see that the visor doesn't touch against the helmet outer shell. This will result in scratches and unclear area on your visor.

A lighter helmet will of course always be more comfortable than a heavier version.

Give your chinstrap a quick consideration when checking your motorcycle helmet (make sure it's not too long and can be tucked away, so it doesn't keep hitting you on your chin). The strap is often made of nylon (like a seatbelt).

Ventilation systems are a major cause of noisy helmets. The more aero-dynamic the motorcycle helmet (and the vents) the less noise you will have.

The comfort liner adjusts a bite to the form of your head. Generally motorcycle helmets get more comfortable. But always make sure you do start with a very good fit.